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can we talk about how this fucking pbs show aimed at little kids easily talked about how anxiety is stressful but normal

Ok no but can we talk about this entire episode? 

It was called April 9th, and it was actually a response to the 9/11 attacks. It didn’t talk about the attacks themselves, but rather focused on teaching kids to deal with the all of the emotions that they might be feeling as a result. They set up a situation that might evoke similar emotions in children: a massive fire at the school.

Arthur’s dad was in the fire, so (as you can see above), Arthur is constantly worried about his dad’s safety.

Sue Ellen is grieving because her journal, which contained a huge amount of precious memories, was destroyed in the fire. Muffy is confused why she can’t just cheer Sue Ellen up by giving her a new journal.

Buster wasn’t at school that day, and feels confused and guilty that he isn’t sad about the fire like the other kids. He then befriends the school janitor, who has to retire due to an injury that, at his age, is pretty serious.

Binky actually saw the flames, and is constantly traumatized by the event. He doesn’t tell anyone because he feels like he would lose his tough-guy reputation if he admitted that he was scared.

The episode teaches kids that all of these emotions are perfectly normal and natural, that there’s not one right way to feel, and that even if it takes a while, things are going to be okay.

The thing that makes this show so great, in my opinion, is that it knows that kids are intellegent and strong enough to deal with these things if you present them in the right way. It doesn’t hide them, it doesn’t sugar coat them, it just presents them in a way that children can understand and shows them how to deal with them.




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hanjo with a banjo because i’m bad at typing/in deep denial concerning current SNK events


hanjo with a banjo because i’m bad at typing/in deep denial concerning current SNK events

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Garnet’s the strongest gem.  Don’t forget it.


petition to replace Zero Suit Samus’ rocket heels with moon shoes


petition to replace Zero Suit Samus’ rocket heels with moon shoes


Meet the waffle donut, aka wonut

New Yorkers aren’t the only ones eating dessert hybrids. Chicago’s Waffles Cafe is selling a combination of a donut and a waffle.



Request: Goofy sings BRING ME TO LIFE


Anonymous asked:

I know you get asked to do Goofy too much, but a cover of Bring Me to Life would be hilarious <3

Let me transport you to a simpler time, where you’re putting the final touches on your Inuyasha AMV in Windows Movie Maker.

Welcome back to 2003.

My inner 12 yr is cryin rn.


Here’s to Yoshihiro Togashi, and Hunter x Hunter returning to Shounen Jump on June 2nd. Togashi is one of the industry’s most influential manga artists in the battle manga genre, and is most deserving of respect. Especially his more underappreciated works like Level E, although I only watched the animated adaption, I highly enjoyed it.




The rarest most illest shit I’ve ever seen in my entire LIFEE

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